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Nancy Ramírez
Abakus Europe partner in Mexico

The Co-Founder and General Manager, Nancy Ramírez, has studied in Mexico and Europe. She has a Bachelor degree in Organizational Psychology, a Master Degree in Human Resources Management  and an Executive Coaching Certification by the EEC in Madrid.

She is a strong believer that Education is the basis, to develop self-conscious human beings, with skills, values and genuine interest to live in community, being respectful and co-responsible for the creation of a better world.

Her institution “Teach and Care Academy” was founded in 2018, with the mission to accompany families during their children's education process, through innovative learning methodologies and human care. We based our programs on skills and talents development, helping children to find their own motivations and resources to learn.

In 2022, Teach & Care Academy became an Abakus Europe partner; the first Abakus Europe representative in Mexico.

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