We have just completed a very fruitful 3-day training of future mental arithmetic teachers from selected, under the pilot program, institutions. During 3 days, the students learned the Abakus program for level 0-2, including the tasks of addition and subtraction on one- and two-digit numbers (on an abacus) and on single-digit numbers (mentally). The training was practical - future trainers solved tasks using the known computational methods and took part in brain fitness exercises/games, which are an integral part of our classes. Additionally, we introduced teachers to our Abakus platform, discussed the methods of effective classes, and presented a knowledge base that trainers can use. The teachers still have the practical and theoretical exams, after which they will obtain a mental arithmetic teacher's certificate and start teaching in their schools in September.

We would like to remind you that 25 schools have applied for the Abakus Europe pilot program this year. Unfortunately, we could only choose 5, of which 4 joined the training.

Those are:

  • Praxis - Private Primary School in Łąki, teacher Anna Kaszuba
  • School and Kindergarten Complex in Napachanie, teacher Karolina Władysiak
  • Primary School Jana Pawła in Strączno, teacher Daria Wojciechowska
  • Primary School No. 2 named by Królowej Jadwigi in Jarocin, teacher: Julita Janowska

As part of the program, both students and teachers will receive free of charge all the necessary educational materials and access to the Abakus educational platform.

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