Abakus Olympic Team participated in a largest mental arithmetic competition in Kuala Lumpur

On December 30th, Abakus Olympic Team participated in a largest mental arithmetic competition in Kuala Lumpur. This year we had one champion, two 1st runner-ups and nine 2nd runner-ups.

Going the way of preparation for the Olympiad, participants often perform such tasks in such a volume that they previously could not master in a short period. Seeing their significant progress, they understand that everything is possible and in their hands. Studying a new method of solving a problem, a new technique or a new programming language in a few days does not seem for them to be an impossible challenge, but an entirely feasible task. Our world is changing and developing very quickly, yesterday's professions are no longer relevant, and nowadays the ability to learn quickly is more important than the possession of a large amount of information. Children have the chance to develop this desirable skill, thanks to classes at the Abacus Center and opportunities to participate in events such as the competition in Kuala Lumpur.

Each Olympiad shapes the students in a new way and there is no exaggeration in saying that the experience that children get thanks to such events, is invaluable. The personal growth of students is visible to the naked eye, by passing these tests, they become more stress-resistant and purposeful. Children discover and realize their desires and the areas in which they want to develop, they set goals and achieve them. Acquiring new knowledge during the preparation to the contests is a process, which fascinates children, because they are able to see the improvement of their skills. Accordingly, this process gives many profits: participants are motivated to develop, and moreover , they realize what is essential and what is secondary.

We hope to see you guys in our Abakus Olympic Team in Thailand next year.

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