Abakus Olympiad 2019 | Poland

Dear parents!

On 16th, March (Saturday) in Warsaw Abakus Olympiad 2019 | Poland will be held. We kindly invite you to take part in this event. Apart from the competition part and attractions for children, seminars for parents as well as teachers and partners are planned. It will also be an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with people who are in the Abakus Europe Team.

All detailed information with the program of the Abakus Olympiad 2019 | Poland will be send soon.

We kindly ask you to read the attached invitation letter, giving more information about the Abakus Olympiad 2019 | Poland.

To take part in the Abakus Olympiad 2019 | Poland, you need to fill-in the application form. The information about the category which you need to choose, will be given by your child’s teacher.

Submit your application using this link:

Here you can watch a short video from the last year’s International Olympiad “GeniusKid 2018”, just to see how great events are organized by Abakus Europe:)

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