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We are happy to announce that we have a new partner in Ireland! Here’s the message from her:

I am a small girl coming from a small country, Romania, but with big hopes and dreams. I love children and the most I love my children. So I was trying to find a way to combine these into a plan which will allow me to have them both into my life as much as possible. First I had another child, a boy, 2 years and a half ago (I am also a proud mother of a very smart, beautiful and kind girl - 11 years now), then I created a small creche into my house and I was childminding a small group of children every morning and then I bought this franchise, which I consider it the very first step to making my dream come true. Since I arrived in Ireland, I wanted to have a learning center with interesting and not so common activities, which might provide an after-school service as well.

I was always working hard and loyal for others and I was always dreaming that someday I am gonna do this for myself. Hopefully, I just started to do this and hopefully, this dream will come true soon. Having this professional aspect sorted will also offer me a better quality of life with my children and also the opportunity of trying to fulfill another dream: to adopt a little girl. As I said, a small girl with big plans, but also a huge ambition!

Should you have questions about the franchise visit our website franchise.abakus-center.eu or call us at +44 20 3286 0007.

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